Poverty Database Monitoring System

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Child Malnutrition Indicator View Download

Child Mortality Indicator View Download

Crime Indicator View Download

Dependency Ratio View Download

Disability Indicator View Download

Economic Status-Employment View Download

Economic status-Expenses View Download

Economic Status-Household Income Bracket View Download

Economic Status-Income View Download

Economic Status-Industry View Download

Economic Status-Salary View Download

Economic Status-Unemployment Reason View Download

Elderly Ratio View Download

Electricity-Indicator View Download

Environmental-Waste Water View Download

Food Shortage Indicator View Download

Food Threshold Indicator View Download

Garbage Disposal Indicator View Download

Health Insurance Indicator View Download

Health-Disability View Download

Health-Health Insurance View Download

Health-Nutrition View Download

Health-Sanitation View Download

Housing Indicator View Download

Housing-Roof Materials View Download

Housing-Tenure Status Lot View Download

Housing-Wall Materials View Download

Population View Download

Report-Educational-Attainment View Download

Report-Education-Attendance View Download

Report-Education-Level View Download

Report-Education-Literacy(reading) View Download

Report-Education-Literacy(Writing) View Download

Report-Environmental-Garbage Disposal View Download

Skills-Household Skills View Download

Youth Ratio View Download